Shortgrass Rattlesnake Assoc.

The Shortgrass Rattlesnake Association, Inc., ("Association")  is an incorporated, nonprofit entity. The primary purpose of the Association is to (1) sponsor
and conduct the annual Rattlesnake Derby, (2) attract tourism and recreation to Southwest Oklahoma, and (3) perform all other civic and social activities
which are not forbidden by State or Federal law. A Board of Directors made up of nine volunteers determine the best course of action to attain the
Association's goals. In addition to the Board of Directors, the Association also has countless other volunteers that assist the Board of Directors in making their
vision of the Derby a reality.
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is made up of nine individuals. Such individuals serve without compensation, pecuniary or otherwise. In fact, such individuals receive
no benefits for their participation in the Association. Each director is elected to a three-year term. The terms are staggered so that only three directors are
elected each year. That way, the Association always has a majority (six) of seated Directors. The Board of Directors elect a President, Vice President, and
Secretary to perform executive tasks such as conducting meetings, keeping records, signing checks, and other administrative duties. The current Directors

  • Keith Kendall, President

  • Mike Toney, Vice President

  • Stan Kendall, Secretary

  • Tommy Morrison

  • Marti Stumbaugh

  • Wes Webb

The Board of Directors meets monthly. Also, during the "Derby season" (March and April), the Board may have additional meetings. On top of the
administrative duties that each has, each Director is extremely active during the preparation phase of the Derby, as well as during the weekend. In addition,
the Board is extremely active at the conclusion of each event in order to "fold" the Derby up and prepare it for the next year.
Though the Directors wear many hats and perform numerous, necessary functions, the Derby could not succeed without the volunteers who sacrifice
countless hours to ensure the success of the Derby. The numerous members perform a variety of tasks from picking up trash to running venues to manning
the office. Each volunteer receives nothing in the form of compensation. The many members (as well as the directors) will use vacation time from their places
of employment. Some even take the days off work, forgoing their pay, to assist in making the Derby a success.
Accomplish The Goals
As stated above, the Association has three goals (1) sponsor and conduct the annual Rattlesnake Derby, (2) attract tourism and recreation to Southwest
Oklahoma, and (3) perform all other civic and social activities which are not forbidden by State or Federal law. The Association accomplishes these goals by
recruiting local civic groups, such as the American Legion, to assist with the Derby. In return, the Association allows the civic group to keep a portion of the
proceeds generated from that particular venue. With this working arrangement, the Association recruits valuable allies that assist in conducting the Derby,
indirectly funds tourist activities, and promotes other civic entities in furthering their community goals. For example, the Association has partnered with the
American Legion. The American Legion operates the Photo Booth during the Derby. In return, the American Legion keeps a portion of the proceeds. That
portion then is recycled in the community by furthering the American Legion's goals and construct tourist attractions, such as the Memorial Wall.

In addition, the Association, donates countless amounts of money to various civic groups. For example, the Association donated money to the Mangum Little
League in order for the League to purchase trophies for the players. Also, members of the Association travel to towns around Oklahoma and conducts safety
briefings and educational seminars about the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake. These seminars also promote the Derby in hopes of generating additional
visitors that, in turn, will travel and spend cash in Mangum, thus creating additional revenue streams for local vendors.

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