Hunting Regulations

To participate in organized rattlesnake hunts during the weekend, hunters need to be aware of two sets of regulations. The
first set are regulations promulgated by the State of Oklahoma. The second set are regulations implemented by the
Shortgrass Rattlesnake Association to govern the purchase of rattlesnakes as well as competitions of prizes. These
regulations must be followed if a hunter wants to participate in the organized hunt. Please visit
Oklahoma's Department of
Wildlife if you need more specific instruction on Oklahoma's general hunting regulations.
Select Oklahoma Hunting Regulations


Season Date: Prairie rattlesnakes, western diamondback rattlesnakes, timber rattlesnakes, and massasauga may be
harvested from March 1 - June 30 without a daily bag limit.

License Requirements: Any person while in the act of taking or attempting to take [rattlesnakes] or possessing
[rattlesnakes] must first possess any (a) resident or nonresident hunting license OR (b) a 5-day rattlesnake permit
unless otherwise exempt.

License/5-day rattlesnake permit Exemptions:
Resident: The following persons are exempt from the licensing requirement if you are a resident in Oklahoma.




Under 16 years of age;

Under 18 years of age AND in the physical custody of a child care facility;

Lifetime license holder;

Landowners who (A) reside in Oklahoma AND (B) hunt on their own land; OR

Residents who have a proven permanent disability which renders them non-ambulatory and confines
them to a wheelchair.
Nonresident: The following persons are exempt from the licensing requirement if you are a nonresident:



Under 14 years of age;

Under 18 years of age AND in the physical custody of an Oklahoma child care facility;

Holder of a resident lifetime hunting license; OR

Any active duty military personnel and his/her dependents.

Legal Means of Taking: It is unlawful to introduce, deposit, place, or drain ANY deleterious, noxious, toxic, or
petroleum based substance into or around any underground dens or rock crevices for the purpose of taking

Selling Rattlesnakes:


Persons must possess a current resident or nonresident hunting license or 5-day rattlesnake permit, unless
otherwise exempt, to sell lawfully-taken rattlesnakes.

Persons that meet the requirements of 5(a)  may only sell his/her lawfully-taken rattlesnakes to individuals
holding a commercial or noncommercial wildlife breeders license during open season.

Persons must have a commercial breeders license if they buy and resell live rattlesnakes.
Mangum Rattlesnake Derby Hunt Rules














All snakes entered for prizes become the property of the Rattlesnake Association.

Only diamondback rattlesnakes are eligible for prizes in the Derby

Hunters must be registered at headquarters before participating in a guided hunt and must be registered before
selling or entering snakes for prizes.

All snakes must be turned in for contest purposes NO LATER than 4:00 PM on Sunday of the Derby.
"Snake-of-The-Day" awards are presented on Sunday during the awards ceremony.

Prizes are awarded for "Most Snakes", "Most Pounds of Snakes", and "Longest Snakes." In the event of a tie in the
"Most Snakes" or "Most Pounds" category, the hunter with the earliest time of entry will be awarded the trophy and
the cash prize will be divided. In the "Longest Snake" category, the heaviest snake will receive the trophy and the
cash will be divided equally. No hunter may win more than one prize in a category.

Special Rule for "Longest Snake": In order to enter a snake in this category, hunter must enter a minimum of 50
pounds of snake, including the "Longest Snake" entry. In lieu of this, he may choose to pay an entry fee of $50
dollars. Snakes caught on a guided caravan, certified by the guide, are exempt from this rule.

Registered hunters are given permission to enter hunt areas only when accompanied by a guide.

Gassing of dens is strictly prohibited. Any hunter using such methods will be disqualified and required to leave the

The carrying of firearms is prohibited. Guides will have the authority to confiscate any weapon that in their judgment is
a danger to the hunters.

Guides are provided with training in first aid for snake bites and other injuries, however, snake hunting is a dangerous
sport and hunters are responsible for their own safety at all times.

In the event of a dispute, the Fangmaster will be the final authority and his ruling is not subject to appeal.

We are guests of the landowners who allow us to hunt on their property. If a gate is open, leave it open, if it is closed,
leave it that way. Anything you carry in, carry out. Leave nothing but your footprints!!

Any hunter caught purchasing snakes in order to increase his total will be disqualified. Any person purchasing snakes
within the city limits of Mangum, Oklahoma, is subject to a fine equal to the price of snakes in his possession at the
time of arrest.

During the measuring of snakes for prizes, the hunter whose snake is being measured may be present on the
platform. The only others allowed on the platform at the measurement are the officials

During the measuring of snakes for prizes, the hunter may not touch his/her snake. To do so will result in the
immediate disqualification of the entry.

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