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One Day Left!

The 49th Annual Mangum Rattlesnake Snake Derby is one step closer to completion. The first two days saw a wonderful plethora of people united for one goal: enjoy what Small Town, America has to offer. At times, people stood shoulder-to-shoulder as they sought great deals from the many vendors that sprawled the downtown area. Numerous people indulged themselves on the many sweets and fried foods the food trailers had to offer. Hundreds (if not thousands) descended on the carnival to try their luck at winning the many stuffed prizes. Still others proved their courage by riding fun and fast rides.

The most adventurous sought out the namesake of the derby. They found numerous opportunities to come face-to-face with the diamondback rattlesnake. Whether in the snake pit, the bus tour, or the big display box parked in the middle of it all, the mesmerizing serpent was easy to find. In fact, many visitors satisfied their curiosity by trying a sample of southern fried rattlesnake after watching the “preparation” process next door.

Jordan Clark of Mangum, OK, won the “Miss Derby Princess” title. Congratulations and blessings for her year of reign. Hunters have turned in over 2,000 pounds of rattlesnakes, despite the often tepid-to-cold spring Oklahoma had to offer. Events such as these come but once a year. You have one more day left to explore the many adventures the Mangum Rattlesnake Derby has to offer. Tomorrow, most events will begin at noon and continue until 4:00 PM. At 6:00 PM, the great exodus will begin, converting the lively where-it-is-happening atmosphere of Mangum, to the sleepy, friendly city the citizens have grown to love.

We hope to see you tomorrow.

The Rattlesnake Derby Begins Tomorrow

After an entire year of waiting, the Mangum Rattlesnake Derby makes its return for the 49th year. Currently, organizers and civic clubs are scrambling to be prepared for the great “land rush” of vendors that will flood onto the streets at 5:00 PM today. To the south, the lights and music of the Pride of Texas Carnival will soon fill the air. Tomorrow is the official start of the 49th annual Mangum Rattlesnake Derby and Flea Market.

The Derby features many fascinating and fun attractions. Though it is centered on rattlesnakes, many non-snake events coincide. For example, the Derby offers a fair atmosphere in rural Oklahoma. All the fair food you can imagine can be found on the West side of the square. In addition, a carnival fills the air with the joy of laughter of children and adults alike. The Derby is not about snakes or hunting. It is about offering everyone something fun to do.

We hope to see you this weekend for all the fun and excitement Mangum can offer.

AAFB Newcomers Receive Welcome from Mangum Rattlesnake Fang Masters

Photos by Diania Kendall*

The Altus Chamber of Commerce Committee of 100, Altus Air Force Base (“AAFB”), and the Mangum Rattlesnake Fang Masters, welcomed new families, airmen, and recently deployed airmen to the AAFB on Monday, March 24, at the Altus High School cafeteria. Dinner was provided by the Three Rivers Catering of Blair, OK.

The purpose of our Committee of 100 is simply to say “Welcome to Altus, America.” Chamber of Commerce President Holly Urbanski said to those new to Altus. “We hope that the time you get to spend with us is enjoyable, and we want you to feel like this is your home while you are here.”

“We’ve got a lot to celebrate here in Altus.” Col. Spangenthal said. “Obviously we’re putting out some great news and for those of you who may not have heard it, we just happened to have the number 1 airbase in the world here at Altus Air Force Base. To get something like that takes incredible leadership across the Wing but it also takes great teamwork. Teamwork with a city who loves their base and clearly Altus is that city. For those of you who are new to Altus Air Force Base, I think you will find it’s small, we are a long ways from the big city, but you are going to find you are well loved. There are a lot of things to do while you are here, you are going to have a great time.”

Urbanski then introduced the Fang Masters of Mangum: Keith Kendall, Stan Kendall, Mike Toney, and G.W. Sheward. Stan Kendall welcomed newcomers and provided a brief history on the 49th Mangum Rattlesnake Derby to be held April 25, 26, and 27. Stan, Keith, and Mike then brought live rattlesnakes out into the crowd to allow newcomers an up close look and to take pictures.

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The Red River Spirits Band, Live from Downtown Mangum

Red River Spirits3

This year, the Mangum Rattlesnake Derby proudly brings you the Red River Spirits Band. The Band will be performing live Saturday night.

The Red River Spirits Band is a Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Blues, and Country cover band from southwest Oklahoma. The Band features Clifford Smith on vocals and harmonica, Johnny Barnes on vocals and lead guitar, Kevin Rich on lead guitar and vocals, Rob Johnson on bass guitar, and Anthony White on drums. Clifford Smith and Johnny Barnes hail from Los Angeles where they were with the Regulators. Kevin Rich is also comes from Los Angeles. Having made their home in southwest Oklahoma, and teaming up with Rob Johnson and Anthony White, they have forged a unique sound for audiences of all ages. In addition, they have the added benefit of being able to cater to specific styles.

Come join the Red River Spirits Band with their large diversity of musical styles that a lot of music lovers will enjoy! Check the schedule of events for more details.

3rd Annual Rattlesnake Run

Rattlesnake Run Picture

Some of the prizes that can be won at the 3rd Annual Rattlesnake Run are:

  • Two (2) $50 gift certificates from Attitude’s Ink Tattoo Studio
  • One (1) $50 gift certificate from Anvil Tattoo
  • Three (3) $40 gift certificates from Smiley’s Tire and Auto
  • One (1) $30 gift certificate to from Western Sizzlin’
  • One (1) free oil change from Smith’s Firestone (a $26.99 value)
  • One (1) full service oil change from Kwik Kar (a $36.99 value)
  • One (1) standard free night from Hampton Inn
  • Three (3) $10 gift certificates from Tacos El Rey
  • Three (3) sets of coupons for a free sub, chips, and drink from Jersey Mike’s

Please note, the above list is not exhaustive. For the latest information concerning the Rattlesnake Run, please visit their Facebook page.