We are aware that no information is available when clicking the vendor information link. We hope to have the information available within the next few weeks. We want to ensure that the information that we provide on our website is the correct information. We will keep you updated as to when such information will become available. Until then, please contact us and we will email you the registration packet.


  1. Hello I have sent my vendor packet in for Sassy Country Boutique……We are newbies and so excited about coming. We are just wandering about lodging we have 2 travel trailers that we would like to stay in but didnt know if there was a place to park them. If you could please help me out on letting me know if there is going to be room to park them or if you could hold 2 spots to park them. We both have generators but if there is electricity that would be great. One is 55ish long and the other is 30 we would like to be beside each other we are a family buisness made up of 2 sister with a family of 4 each .

    Thank you very much

  2. Hi, I was wandering if I could get a Vender information packet as well?
    Wasn’t sure if this was exactly the right place to ask, but noticed all the others, Hope it’s ok.
    Thank you for your time ^_^


  3. Would like a vendor application as I would like to participate for the first time and hopefully many years to come. Thank you, Suzanne Davis

    1. The Derby offers to types of booths. The first type is a miscellaneous booth and the second is a food booth. The prices vary as to which type of booth you wish to have. In addition, electricity to a space is an additional cost. All food booths have electric. Electricity is also available for most miscellaneous booths.

      1. I have forwarded your contact information to the Flea Market Coordinator. I apologize that you have not got a response. I will resubmit your information to her.

    1. Your information has been forwarded to our flea market coordinator. You should receive correspondence directly from her. Thank you for your interest in participating in the 49th Annual Mangum Rattlesnake Derby and Flea Market.

        1. I submitted your request to the flea market coordinator on March 11th. The flea market coordinator has responded to that email. She has your information and should be in contact with you.

          1. The Flea Market Coordinator has all your contact information, including your phone number. I apologize that you are not getting the response that you want. I have resent your information to the Flea Market Coordinator. I am not authorized to providing any other assistance.

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